Discover the pure Aloha spirit and the mystical Tiki charm. Tropical elements interweave with authentic island culture in a unique vintage design. Each piece breathes paradisiacal lightness and carefree joie de vivre. Put it on and feel the unmistakable rhythm of Hawaii in every moment!


Experience the raw charm of the asphalt with King Kerosene and Queen Kerosene. Inspired by the thundering heartbeats of muscle cars, the rebellious character of hotrods and the biker's sense of freedom, this collection is more than fashion - it's a lifestyle.


In our vintage world, different styles from the 50s to the 70s come to life in all their glory. Here you'll find the pulsating rhythm of rock'n'roll and bold comic artwork with quick-witted slogans, accompanied by the seductive magic of King Kerosene and Queen Kerosene pin-ups.


Welcome to the radiant world of California! Our collection celebrates the iconic style of California, characterized by freedom, adventure and relaxed West Coast elegance. Our garments reflect the spirit and diversity of California and invite you to experience and wear this unique lifestyle.


Inspired by the authentic style of the 1950s, the Work Wear collection by Queen Kerosin and King Kerosin presents a fashion that expresses the rustic charm and timeless elegance of that era in every outfit.


Fascinating artwork prints and detailed denim embroidery await you here, capturing the spirit of the Wild West in all its glory. Immerse yourself in a world in which western style becomes an expression of adventure and freedom.